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Jose "Louie" Luis Ramirez

1955 ~ 2019 (age 64)
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Things My Father Built

            The things my father built stand without flaw or defect. His eye’s saw the world as it could be, balanced and stable. In his heart, he always longed to give a touch of solidity and strength to his craft, his family and his hobbies. The expression of his empathy and love for those closest to him was at times coarse and unrefined, unapologetic and honest. Such was his character and it made him a man to be loved, respected, and admired.

Jose Luis Ramirez II was born in 1954 into a family that journeyed from the heart of Mexico to the United States. With them they brought their traditions and rich culture, which to this day stand to define a beloved and strong family. The things my father built were done so from a place of integrity and love. Louie, as a Son, Brother, Uncle, Father and Friend built his life in a way that deviated from the environment in which he came of age. His growth and courage to face familiar adversity made him a loving father who never forgot the past, ultimately allowing him to become a man that valued and cherished the intimacy of family.

            Louie had a charismatic charm and suave allure, distinctive of his Latin American heritage, that made all around him want to have this great man as a friend. At times, he played the Mafioso, always taking delight in the finer things in life, enjoying the fruit of his labors always with reserved delight and subtle joy. He was never afraid of anyone or anything and would not hesitate to state the matter of facts in life just as they were without remorse or empathy. Despite his eccentric personality his friends, family, and all who knew him loved and respected the man because beneath the tough exterior we saw a heart gold.  The most important thing to Louie was his family, taking care and watching over all those who came after him.

            The things my Father built he envisioned with clarity and perfection, hand crafted with precision and left to stand the test of time. Louie loved carpentry and took exceptional pride in his work. He expanded the knowledge of his trade until he could build a house from the ground up. There was no task or job that was not accomplishable with his skill and talent. As he was determined and focused until the last nail was hammered securely in place cementing his legacy on this earth.

            Louie cared for his family beyond what his or any body’s words could describe. Louie fathered three wonderful children, for which he had exhibited unconditional love and forgiveness towards. He always found a way to teach the fundamentals of a successful life and exemplified them through his commitment and hard work ethic. He is survived by his loving partner of 23 years Elizabeth Shoemaker, mother Marina Ramirez, his brother Hector Ramirez, his seven sisters; Mary, Norma, Silvia, Diana, Lilian, Rachel, and Rebecca as well as his three children Nicholas Gebbie, Noelle Gebbie, and Lauren Ramirez. These are the things my father built.

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